Fieldwork in Umm al Quwain, UAE, February 2023 – Drawing from the archaeological fieldwork conducted in previous years, HLC’s will initiate Phase II of the program. It will be working on people-centric approaches by collaborating with the emirate’s community on mapping their cultural heritage.

In My Mother’s House, May 2022 – Lina Fruzzetti and Akos Ostor, in partnership with “Visualities of Rights” NYUAD Culture, Rights, and Representation Research Kitchen. Screening and virtual Q&A.

Asmarina, May 2022 – Alan Maglio and Medhin Paolos, in partnership with NYUAD Institute. Screening and Q&A.

The Golden Harvest, May 2022 – Alia Yunis, with the support of Italian Cultural Institute Abu Dhabi, Palestinian Business Council, and Body Tree Wellness Studio, Screening.

Sites of Suffering and Trauma:  What to Remember and What to Forget, March 2022 – This conversation explores the transformation of former prisons, Esma in Buenos Aires and Robben Island in South Africa, into museums. It examines how communities connect with places of suffering and the impact on local and international narratives. The discussion considers the role of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the interplay of memory and heritage in sites of trauma, and the significance for the community.

Music for the Kitchen, February 2022 – Professors Jonathan Shannon and Clare Lesser discuss how global trade routes impact heritage, music, and home gardens. They explore the historical connection between music and gardens, their relevance today in shaping heritage, and their role in addressing climate change. Moderated by Alia Yunis, the session delved into these intersections.

The Dhow’s Voyage: Routes, Histories, Worlds in the Indian Ocean, February 2022

Memory in Place: Intangible Heritage in Physical Spaces, February 2022

A Conversation with the Musicians of Barzakh Festival, February 2022 – Artists from Barzakh Festival discuss preserving their craft, honoring heritage, and promoting innovation in an ever-changing world. The panel includes ethnomusicologist Ghazi Al-Mulaifi, clarinet player Kinan Azmeh, singer Souad Asla, and visual artist Zeinab Al Hashemi.

The Melting Pot Began in the Fields:  Food, Heritage and the Environment, February 2022 – American food is a blend of diverse cultures and histories, shaped by the movement of plants and people. Indigenous crops, trade routes, colonization, and migration have all contributed to the rich culinary heritage. This discussion explores the changes in farming practices and the importance of food in connecting heritage and the environment for a sustainable future.

Global Oceans: Mapping Maritime Connections, November 2021 – Workshop.

Heritage Futures: Oceans of Connectivity, November 2021 – Workshop by Tim Winter.

Pride and Future: Cultural Heritage in Afghanistan, October 2021 – Workshop.

The Protection of Maritime, Coastal and Underwater Cultural Heritage, January 2019 – NYUAD Institute/ Dhakira in collaboration with UNESCO, ICCROM and CIE-Centre for International Heritage Activities.

Memory of the UAE, Culture as a Basic Need, GCC Heritage and Oral History, October 2018 – Conference, Abu Dhabi, Department of Culture and Tourism.

Scientific Research for Cultural Heritage, February/March 2017 – NYUAD Institute/ Dhakira, UAE.

Dialogues with the Past: Documenting Heritage in the UAE, October 2016 – NYUAD Institute/ Dhakira, UAE.

Connected Through Heritage: Developing Regional Networks for Heritage and Museum Studies, April 2015 – NYUAD Institute/ Dhakira, UAE.

National Museums: Peace Brokers or Peace Breakers? An Afghan Case Study, December 2014 – NYUAD Institute/ Dhakira, UAE.

The Unpredictable Past: National Museums and Stable Civil Societies, December 2014 – NYUAD Institute/ Dhakira, UAE.

Field Schools

Research-Based Learning

Our FieldLabs complement HeritageLab research activities and heritage studies programs at several institutions, such as New York University Abu Dhabi and Leiden University. They are a mechanism to involve stakeholders and students in hands-on research endeavors. FieldLab activities are reflective of the cross-disciplinary HeritageLab approach and are open to collaborators and students from multiple disciplines.


  • WinterLab UAE – Umm Al Quwain
  • WinterLab Historic Trade Routes – Zanzibar, Tanzania
  • Robben Island 
  • Saadiyat Island

Summer Labs

  • SummerLab Historic Trade Routes – Zanzibar, Tanzania
  • Galle, Sri Lanka